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Sunday, May 5, 2002

5:20PM - Take that, Boerne!

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Current mood: busy

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12:01AM - hurdehurdehur

I live in Boerne. I love The Neverending Story. I <3 Cheese and John.

o.o But I'm not REALLY a whore, because I don't sleep with people every night. xD

Caty Corcoran Pose: o.o... does that make you gay?

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Saturday, May 4, 2002


I don't live in Boerne. Perhaps I've mentioned that before.... but it still remains to be true. Ummm, yeah. Rock on and all that.

Current mood: intimidated

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WHY ARE NONE OF THE MEMBERS WRITING IN THIS!? dammit.. i worked hard! and stressed out my poor little brain to do this! rawr!!! join and update!! rawr, oh well... please? :) i'm listening to beastie boys!

Current mood: bitchy

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Thursday, May 2, 2002


Ok. So Boerne might suck and all, but... some really nifty people live there! I may visit Boerne soon. Yayayayayayayay!

Current mood: giddy

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whoohoo! well, i have finally made my own community! (thanks to brent!) yayay! go us! c'mon everybody, join! i'll be the happiest! just fill out that shit where you have to join.. and i guess thats all? this is gonna be so much fun!! its also gonna be sooo hard, i'm prolly gonna need help...haha! adios!

Current mood: busy

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