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wow cool

I think updated this community the most out of all the memembers! I was the most recent to update!! and that was more then a year ago. I believe since they're are alot more people on LJ from Boerne this should be more active! Where the hell is everybody?! I don't know if I'm welcome here anymore. Odds are no one is going to read it anyway! I'm just going to say hi. That I miss Boerne at this moment. I am in Chatsworth, California. I was in the studio audience of the Tom Green show today. You can see me I was in the last row. Tom sits down right in front of my dad and talk on a tin can to Weird Al. It's pretty coool man. I haven't seen it though. No mtv here. I miss Boerne though! I miss Chad.. well what do you say kids!? START UPDATING!!!

I'm already in Commmunity promo for big_me so I think I meant promo it.. with permission I suppose..?
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