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Umm yea..

See, I hate really cliche "Hi, I'm new and My name is Amy" posts. I feel like a damn cheerleader with that shit, and that's not me. So yea...

So, my name is Amy and I'm 19. And I figured I should say something here.
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Welcome to our little boernewhores community, citizen. What do you hate about Boerne?
Goodness, nothing yet.. give me time. *laughs* I didn't got to school here. God, I'll have to get the whole story out sometime. Let's just say right now.. for me Boerne is as close to heaven as I can get. *shakes head* As sad as that is..
fresh meat... does SaraJane know about this little morsel yet?
why no, no i didn't, and frankly, it scares the shit outta me! brent told me about it.. and i was all ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
jebus chris how did she find out?!?!?!
Should I say something? *bites lip* Or should I just tell you my little pathetic story of here, Nicolas, and the whole thing?
tell us all, everything
Alright, I met Nick 3 1/2 years ago. I was going to school in Tennesse. He was going to school there. My aunt lived in SA. I was staying with her that summer. Anyway... so Nick and I continued talking.. we have on and off for all this time. Finally, about a year ago.. I call him and we start really talking again. My aunt is on the Alumni for St. Marys. I will be going there next fall. Starting law school. Nick and I are going to get an apartment there.

That's why Boerne is heaven to me. Because my baby is there. I'll actually be there this summer some. After I get all my school shit here taken care of.

So that is my pathetic story. I don't think you know Nick, but you might. He just graduated last week.

I think that's it.
nick.. does he go to bhs? whats his last name? davidson?

Deleted comment

Whew.. I think it's bad to misspell your boyfriends name, I just woke up.. Vordenbaum.